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Housing Fair House 2015

Housing Fair House 2015

Type Housing
Year 2015
Gross floor area 161m2
Total 240m2

House designed for Housing Fair 2015 held at Vantaa Kivistö in 2015. Meeting at the start of building the house was arranged in spring 2014. Building units were mounted in September 2014. In May 2015 furniture and textiles were imported into the house and the interior works begun. Yard works started at the same time. Interior design by Riia Rauhala and garden design by Janita Viljanen from Pihavisio.

Sauna benches are heat-treated aspen by Sun Sauna Relax. A panel of heat-treated mangnolia in the sauna and the washroom ceiling as well as in the toilet facilities. Lighting is made of fiberglass and ceiling fixture.

Planiatalo's houses are made of large elements by Iin Fasadi Oy. They factory's advanced are dimensionally accurate and homogenous. Lumber, insulations and all other materials are handled from the beginning to the end in a warm and dry hall so weather conditions do not affect the quality of the elements. The roof lattices have been mad on the factory's own lattice line.

Planiatalo is the first house factory in Finland that has the right to use the CE mark. The requirements of the regulation concern Mechanical strenght of structures, fire safety, thermal insulation, dimming etc.

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