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Pakilantie  apartment building

Pakilantie apartment building

Type Housing
Year 2018
Gross floor area 1800m2
Total 2075m2
The Pakilantie apartment building plan is related to the change of the general plan of Pakilantie area.

The change aims to develop the Pakilantie environment into a lively central street in West Pakila. 

The plot currently houses a two-story telephone services building, completed in 1955, which also has office space. The existing telecommunication mast is also located in the site.

The existing buildings have been have been planned for future residential and office use and the plot has been completed with a four-storey apartment block. In the middle of the plot there is a playground, a courtyard and a parking lot.

Plans for the property can be found at living-and-imparisto/planning/current-plans/
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