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Pukkilantie plumbing and facade renovation

Pukkilantie plumbing and facade renovation

Type Renovations
Year 2017
Gross floor area 1800m2
Total 1800m2
The building undergoing pipe renovation is a typical 1960s lamella apartment building from 1963, designed by architect Niilo Kokko in 1962.

The renovation work was a so-called comprehensive plumbing repair, in which the bathrooms of the apartments and building common areas were renovated. 
The refurbishment included water and sewerage systems with all their furniture, electrical and telecommunications technology, and the necessary construction work related to the above works. For the facades, the balcony railings were renewed into system railings, the balconies were glazed and the steel glass doors of the stairwells were renewed. The ground floor paneling was renewed. Due to the changes to the façade, the building supervision required the architect to act as the chief designer, so our office was the master architect of the project.
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